Beliefs are something we all have, but we don’t always know how to think about them. Theology is one way to delve into our beliefs. What does it mean to do theology? How does it work? This page will help you begin the process. What does it mean to have a theological mindset? How do our beliefs influence the way we view the world and respond to life’s situations? Whatever our situation, we all hold core beliefs that guide our decisions and keep us going day to day.


Theology has never been static. To help people do theology today, this page uses a concept called theo-humanism. What is theo-humanism? It will become clearer as you make your way through the videos and readings. In a nutshell: Humans are creatures with transcendent aspirations. In our very nature as human beings, we are built to think of our lives in terms of meaning and purpose. We are always searching for more! How do we assemble our beliefs? How do we even know what they are? Suffice it to say for now that it is vital to look to theology no less than sociology to understand how individuals and societies operate and pursue their goals. For a number of reasons, the theological side of the human condition is often overlooked. But that limits our knowledge of human communities and the way we engage them. To get the ball rolling, have a look at the first video, entitled “Theo-Humanism: What Is It Exactly?”

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